Doberman Pinscher Club Of America

Saturday, April 28, 2018 at 9 AM in Galt, California 

Sponsored by the Doberman Pinscher Clubs of Reno, Sacramento, Redwood Empire, and Northern California

Place:  Home of Tammi Myers, Galt, CA

Evaluator:  Eve Auch

There were 18 dogs evaluated with five passing. Dogs that passed:

Monsoon's Centrifugal Force
    Nancy Sabo

Monsoon's Sage Advice of Manorie
    Nancy Sabo

Ch. Soquel's Fortunate Son RATN CGC
    Mollie Kavrell

Ch. Soquel's House Of The Rising son
    Linda Siegel, Yvonee Torrez, Janell Zanotto, Fred Baclig

Ch. Foxfire's Ya Wanna Be A Jazz Star
    James Bortolotto, Michelle Santana

A big thank you to Tammi Myers for again allowing the use of her property not only for the WAE but also for the potluck luncheon and the Public Education speaker on Reproduction in the Doberman Pinscher. Dr. Bruce Christiansen, a certified reproduction specialist, spoke on "Reproduction Issues Common in Dobermans."

The workers from Reno included:  Tammi Myers, Carlie Pehling, Heidi Thraiikill, Gary Thrailkill (he was great on the umbrella!), and Lisa Southworth.

Northern California had great workers on the desk:  Marilyn Altheide and Darlene Young, with Dee Knighten being the runner.  All these people kept the WAE running smoothly.  In addition, Wayne Rossmiller was one of the best decoys I've had the pleasure of working with in years.

Submitted By:
Eve Auch
WAE Evaluator