Doberman Pinscher Club Of America

Saturday, June 15th, 2013 in Galt, California 

Sponsored by the Doberman Pinscher Clubs of Reno, Northern California, and Redwood Empire

Reported by Eve Auch

On Saturday, June 15th, in ideal weather, the DPCs of Reno, Northern California and Redwood Empire held their annual WAE, potluck and public event.

The turnout for the WAE was large and enthusiastic.  There were 26 dogs in the WAE with 15 passing.  It was wonderful to see so many champions go through the evaluation (11) and also to see the high pass rate.

The following dogs passed the WAE (listed alphabetically and any error is mine and unintentional):

​                                                                  Cambria's Tourmaline
                                                                   GCh. Caryola's Antiqua
                                                                    Haida Van Het Wantij
                                                          GCh. Heartwood's Bark At The Moon
                                                                 Ch. Irongate's Blackthorn
                                                           Ch. Irongate's Borne On The Wind
                                               GCh. Irongate's Hot Buttered Rum CD (new ROM)
                                                                Irongate's Restless Wind
                                                             Irongate's Whirlwind Twister
                                                             GCh. Manorie Dobe's Foxtrot
                                                       Oppenheimer's Atom Bomb Von Luka
                                                        Ch. Pamelot's Pump Up The Volume
                                                           Ch. 'Rena'ssance De Otra Tierra
                                                         'Rena'ssance Rockin Rollin Stone
                                                                         Riva Von Luka

After the WAE, those attending sampled a large and varied potluck and a speaker held everyone's attention throughout her presenation.  The speaker was Dr. Jeaneen (Jean) Metzler who is the reproductive specialist practicing at the Orangevale Veterinary Hospital.  Her topic was Breeding Management Of The Dog.  Dr. Metzler is the breeder of show dogs including Dobermans, Greyhounds, and Minature longhaired Dachshunds.

A personal note I'd like to add:  We were fortunate in having one of the best decoy's I've experienced since we had James Patrick years ago.  He was new to the position this year, having never been aware that there was such a thing as a WAE.  Lewis Smith did an exceptional job and has promised to come back next year.  The evaluator was the ROM program's newest member, Eric Peterson, and those going through the WAE wrote some very impressive comments about his ability as an evaluator.

Same time next year!

To learn more about upcoming WAE, visit DPCA.org.