Roger Auch

3/17/1936 - 12/24/2019

Roger was so much more than simply the other half of Irongate Dobermans.  First and foremost, he ws an athlete, excelling at tennis, golf, cross country racing, bicycling, and most of all skiing (both downhill and cross country).  He was looking forward to starting back up in cross country skiing when the snow flew in January but his life was cut short by a massive heart attack.

He graduated from UC Berkeley with two degrees:  Chemistry and Business.  During his college breaks he worked in the Forest Service fighting fires.  After graduating from college he was hired immediately at US Steel (later USSPOSCO) as the metallurgist.  After retiring he went back to the mill as a contractor for another 18 years.  During those years his dream of moving to the high country was realized.  He was also an officer in HOA, spending countless hours making the area safe from potential fires by drawing upon his time in the Forest Service.

In his Doberman life, he was the Treasurer and then President of DPC of Reno for quite a few years.  He was also Show Chairman during those years.  And at the WAE he was always the shooter.  He raised litters, cared for the dogs, and was there when one was stressed or needed help.  He never wavered in his love for the Dobermans.  In addition to the DPC of Reno, he was a member of the DPC of Northern California, Cabrillo DPC, and member of the DPCA where he was the Chair of Procurement for several years.  He was also one of the hardest workers at the 1998 National in Sacramento, bringing in electricity for the motor homes and working the grounds.  He bought his future wife her first Doberman in 1969, who then claimed she married him two years later to get the other half of the dog.

Born on St. Patrick's Day, married on Friday the 13th, and died on Christmas Eve.  He was Eve's soulmate for 51 years, 48 of them as her husband.  He always stuck to his principles and ethics.  He never demanded attention or professed all he did for the Dobermans, instead working quietly behind the scenes.  He was humble and caring.  Most importantly he was one of the good guys.

Dan Girton

DPC of Reno Club member Dan Girton (4/17/47 to 8/20/08) passed away quietly from complications resulting from cancer at Renown Hospital in Reno, NV.  At his side were his wife Kim, family, and friends.  He is survived by his wife, his son Greg Girton of San Jose, CA, sister Karen Hodges of Lodi, CA, and a brother Kevin Girton of Castro Valley, CA.

Dan served in the United States Navy during the Vietnam conflict.  He was an active member of the Stillwater Firearms Association, and was a lifetime member of the NRA.  Dan was a board member of the Doberman Pinscher Club of Reno.  He supported his wife's showing and breed program of Doberman Pinschers (of which they have many champions).

Dan's greatest joy came during the Christmas season when he played Santa Claus.  He took great pride in his snow white beard, and his blue eyes always twinkled when his children visited him at the Fallon Hometown Christmas and at the other engagements he scheduled every year.

Services were held at the Veterans Cemetery, 14 Veterans Way, in Fernley on Saturday, September 6, 2008.  A reception followed the service.

Phyllis Telfer

DPC of Reno Honorary Club Member, Phyllis Telfer (2/10/30 to 8/4/08) passed away quietly surrounded by her family.  Phyllis and her husband, Robert, joined the Doberman Pinscher Club of Reno in the early 1980s after acquiring "Mandy."  Purchased for a companion/pet, they were cajoled in to showing her at a fun match where she was "discovered" and would soon become Ch. D'Erica's Proud Heritage.  Phyllis and Bob soon got the show bug, and with the guidance of Bill Shelton and Linda Rayman produced a substantial number of champions from their girl using the kennel name "Flagship."  Quite a few of their breeding went on to be top contenders and producers.

Phyllis and Bob were always there for the DPCR with total support.  In later years, when their involvement with the breed lessened, the DPCR membership voted to make them honorary lifetime members.

What I remember most of all about Phyllis is her absolute devotion to her Dobes and the breed in general.  A true and constant friend who did not mince words when letting you know how she felt.

Deeply missed, she is now with her beloved Dobermans.

Jann Selleck

Ann Lanier  1941- 2009

It seemed like I had known Ann forever.  I knew her before she bought the Doberman Quarterly from Joan Barrett.  And I knew she would do a great job of the magazine, something that proved oh, so true.  

I bred one of my ROM bitches, Ch. Irongate's  Hors D'oeuvre CD ROM, to Oliver (Ch. Sierra Iron Horse) in September 1992 and from that litter I got three ROM dogs and a UD dog.  And again in 1995 I bred another ROM bitch, CH. Irongate's Devil N Disguise CD ROM to Oliver and got yet another ROM bitch, along with a CDX FDCH NA bitch.  Ann reveled in both of those breedings as Oliver, along with his housemate Bambi, were her true Doberman loves.

Ann followed both of the breedings, always interested in every puppy and always there to cheer them on when she was in the area.  She came to the house to see the puppies set up and made many comments about their strengths and weaknesses.  She knew her pedigrees and she knew where many of their traits came from.  She was a walking, talking font of knowledge when it came to Dobermans.

In November 2007, Anna and Don spent four days in Truckee and we had a wonderful time.  Ann was so willing to share her love of the breed.  We talked about so many things that had transpired over the many, many years that we had known each other.  She was excited about her new book and all that had gone into it.  When visiting her home in Oregon on several occasions, I was blessed to see many of her Doberman items and knew how extensive her collection was.

Over the years, Ann saved the DPCA thousand upon thousand of dollars.  She was honest as the day was long and she put her money where it would do the most good.  She was a behind-the-scenes whirlwind.  She never asked for recognition or praise.    She just continued doing what she knew to be right for the breed.  Even after she no longer
owned  Dobermans, she transported rescues and bought them toys and food, never asking for any recognition.  She did it because she knew it was in her to help the breed.

Ann was always willing to do whatever it took to help both the Dobermans and the DPCA.  The DPCA honored her as a Lifetime Achievement Award winner.  Ann Supported the DPC of Reno and was the Vice President.

Ann and Don were always there when we needed them. Whether it was supporting the club with trophies or her time, or championing Doberman causes, Ann was quietly efficient.  It was Annwho saved many of Peggy Adamson's heirlooms for future generations to enjoy, all at her own expense.  She did the same with Tommie jones and Frank Grover's collectibles, plus several other notable Doberman figures.  And they numbered in the thousand of pieces.  One of her dreams was the American Doberman Pinscher Educational Foundation which has now taken shape.  What a great tribute to a great lady.  As soon as that site was up and running, the history buffs, as well as the novices will find a treasure trove.  (

Ann all be missed.  She had so much to offer generations with her knowledge and love of the breed.  I personally will miss the long chats we had on the telephone and personal visits.  The Doberman fancy has lost a valuable member.

Eve Auch